Energy Efficient Magnetic Pump

Pumps with non-metallic insulation casings are used to increase energy efficiency. They can also be used in high pressure and flow operating conditions.
In the chemical and petrochemical industry, the use of magnetic clutch pumps is increasing day by day. Due to the use of non-metallic insulation sleeves instead of standard metallic insulation sleeves, the eddy current losses are eliminated and the efficiency of the magnetic clutch pumps increases noticeably. For many years, Klaus Union has been using non-metallic insulation sleeves. These sleeves are made of ceramic and plastic according to the applications. However, due to the characteristics of the materials, they were limited in terms of operating conditions. However, the demands of the pump began to increase in the form of higher pressure and temperature. For these reasons, Klaus Union has developed pumps with magnetic clutch pumps with non-metallic isolation sleeves in PN40 pressure class and 150 kW pumps at 2900 rpm.
Operasyon Koşulları
Debi Aralığı Q, 1000 m3/h kadar
Basma Yüksekliği H , 150 mLC kadar (tek kademede)
H , 500 mLC kadar (çok kademede)
Manyetik Kavrama
Tork 500 Nm kadar
Output 2900 devirde 150 kW
1450 devirde 75 kW
Basınç Sınıfları / Sıcaklık Aralıkları
CFRP/PTFE malzemeli izolasyon kovanları
PN Maks. 16 bar @ 120 oC
Sıcaklık Aralığı -50 oC’den +120 oC
ZrO2 (Zirkonyum Oksit) malzemeli izolasyon kovanları
PN Maks. 40 bar @ 120 oC
Sıcaklık Aralığı 50 oC’den +250 oC
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