Cantilever Pump


Product Description

Outlet Connection: DN32-150 mm

Capacity: up to 4,680 m3 / h

Pressure: 140 m

Max. Temperature: 140 C

Pressure: 25 bar

Application: Hetorojen Used for transferring particles, long fibers and air containing slurries.

Fan Design: Full Vortex fan. The fan is in contact with only 15% of the product.

Body Design: Specially designed hull design to increase hydraulic efficiency. Low surface tension for wear.

Pump Type: Non-Clogging Type (fully recessed vortex impeller pump)

Mounting Types: Mounted into tank or tank side

Materials: GG25, GGG40, 1.4409, 1.4588, 1.4593, HG25.3, HG15.3
Titanium on request, Hastelloy-B – C, Duplex – Super Duplex, Zirconium, Nickel


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