TURO Series Vortex Fan Pump

Heavy-duty Turo® vortex fans with HN series – first series
This design was originally made of NiHard material.

The fan was designed to be in front of the heavy duty rear wear plate.

In the early part of the 1960s, Egger realized that there was an irregular flow pattern in the flow resulting from the body’s design. This irregular flow shape also caused mechanical instability.

Egger raised the bearing to prevent this problem, but this method was not enough to solve the problem. Egger developed a new hull by improving hydraulic design and eliminated mechanical imbalances.

Heavy-duty Turo® vortex fan pumps with HN series – second series

Hydraulic and mechanical design has become more stable and efficiency has increased in this design.

In order to solve the problems in the hydraulic design, there was no need to further increase the size of the bearing housing.

With this design, Egger developed the standard vortex fan using the principles of the hard iron pump.

Heavy duty Turo® vortex fan pumps with H series – first series

Like the heavy-duty slurry pumps, the combination of the discharge line and the body was flat.
In addition, the packing bed was manufactured in one piece with the housing and the body was integral with the body legs.

When vertical shaft pumps and submersible pumps demanded, different body requirements were born.
3 different designs were needed for pumps of the same size.
The efficiency of the pumps in this design ranged from 40% to 50%.

In the mid-1970s, Egger decided to redesign Turo® pumps and their goal was as follows.

• Increase pump hydraulics efficiency
• Improve the resistance of the pump hydraulics to wear
• Choosing the best seal for the application and the selected shaft seal does not cause any changes in the body when it is mounted on the pump

In the late 1970s Egger reached all these goals.

This pump is the most advanced “fully recessed vortex impeller” pump in the world today.

• Electricity consumption is reduced.
• Resistance to abrasion is high.
• Suitable for various seals.
• It has a self venting body.
• Material option is quite wide.

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